Sound Editing & Design

Using the latest Pro Tools audio workstation we have a huge collection of plug-ins, a large sound effects library, and the skills and expertise to tracklay, edit, design and mix the sound for your latest production.

Sound editing and design at Lowe Frequency Creative Sound Production

Sound Mixing

We can mix in a range of formats, from stereo up to fully immersive audio for 360º video and VR. Whether it’s mixing after we’ve completed the sound editorial, or a working with an AAF/OMF from an editor, we can make sure your mix is suitable for the end delivery platform, and is compliant with the latest broadcast standards, such as EBU R.128 and ATSC A/85.

Sound mixing at Lowe Frequency Creative Sound Production

Audio Restoration

Using the latest audio tools from iZotope and Cedar Audio, we can restore a range of audio, from archive material ready for re-release, to fixing common problems with audio recorded in less-than-ideal conditions, such as hum, distortion, traffic noise, air condition, and hiss.

Audio restoration at Lowe Frequency Creative Sound Production

Ambisonic Audio

Using the Sennheiser AMBEO ambisonic microphone, we can record location sound ready for 360º video and VR applications. These recordings are ready for use in any production, and are ideal for Facebook 360 and YouTube 360 videos.

Ambisonic audio at Lowe Frequency Creative Sound Production



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